Op-Ed: Biden risks hurting the least fortunate with his oil and gas actions

Even as President Biden opined on his commitment to govern for all Americans, his staff was quietly working to deprive vast swathes of citizens the opportunity to earn a living, lift themselves from poverty, and pursue the American dream.

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Op-Ed: US-Mexico-Canada trade deal would bring great benefits

As the governor of Alaska – a state with a flourishing international trade sector – I am pleased to stand with 27 of my fellow governors in calling on Congress to ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement negotiated by President Trump.

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I Will Take On Wall Street to Protect Alaska

The irony is that the actions of Fink and other Wall Street megabanks are sending resource production to the dirty oil and gas fields of the Russian tundra. In doing so, they speed the very calamity they are ostensibly hoping to prevent.

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