The Last Conservative Holdout

As the only Republican governor on the Pacific Coast, Mike Dunleavy is a conservative fighter who’s not afraid to stand alone. From his days as a state senator when he refused to join spending-addicted legislators in voting for out-of-control budgets, to the spending vetoes that led to the attempted recall, Mike has never been one to backdown from his principles.

Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania’s coal country, Mike left everything behind to forge a life in the Last Frontier in 1983. Getting his start in a logging camp on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, Mike’s early years were filled with both challenges and triumphs.

These adventures would lead to Koyuk, a tiny village 300 miles east of the icy Bering Strait, where Mike began his career as a schoolteacher. It was there he met Rose, the love of his life, as they played together in the Iditarod Basketball Classic in nearby Nome.  

After nearly 20 years on the Seward Peninsula and the Northwest Arctic, life’s journey would lead the Dunleavy’s and their three daughters back to Southcentral Alaska. There, Mike served as a public homeschool administrator, school board chairman, and a state senator before being elected as Alaska’s 12th governor.

Mike was elected to reverse 15 years of deficit spending and sky-high crime rates. During his very first month in office, he proposed a two-year plan to fix Alaska’s budget. Despite a hostile legislature, he passed landmark criminal justice legislation, repealing and replacing a soft-on-crime bill that was tearing Alaska communities apart, and vetoed nearly half-a-billion in spending.

Now, Mike needs your help to battle the special interests seeking to destroy the West Coast’s last bastion of conservatism.