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Conservative Governor Under Attack

Help the only conservative governor on the Pacific Coast turn back a politically motivated, special interest-driven recall simply because he wants to balance the budget and create opportunity for Alaskans. Learn more about Mike's story and his plan to move Alaska forward.

Meet Mike


Mike strongly supports the men and women in blue. Unlike Democrat-run cities in the lower 48, riots and crippling budget cuts are nowhere to be found in Alaska. The results speak for themselves. With crime down 10%, troopers being hired at historic rates, and the termination of Alaska’s disastrous catch-and-release program, Mike continues to deliver on his campaign promise.


Mike believes in every state’s right to control its own destiny. He’s committed to ensuring that Alaska creates opportunity and wealth by developing its resources. As the only resource-friendly state on the West Coast, Alaska’s willingness to extract and process the critical minerals needed to ensure our national security will be key in challenging China’s dangerous monopoly.


As a state senator in 2013, Mike helped enshrine Alaska’s status as a Second Amendment sanctuary in state law. As governor, Dunleavy has recommitted to battling the Biden administration’s assault on the Second Amendment by refusing to use state resources to enforce any violation of Alaskan’s constitutional rights.


No state has been more negatively impacted by the Biden administration’s encroachment than Alaska. Mike is working overtime to protect Alaskans’ rights by bringing legal action against the federal government. Just a couple of these include asserting Alaska’s control over its waterways, advancing responsible development in ANWR, and defending traditional Alaska Native hunting practices.


Mike continues to battle those who believe Alaska’s sovereign wealth fund, known as the Permanent Fund, should be used to fuel government in violation of Alaska’s laws. He has proposed three constitutional amendments barring any new taxes without a vote of the people, capping state spending, and guaranteeing the Permanent Fund dividend for future generations.